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Who would have thought that behind a brick walls and filled with graffiti, which act as a facade of any shingle court in the city, an activity so important and until now scarcely recognized as is the safeguard of the which is perhaps the oldest sport, autochthonous and emblematic of Colombia, the turmequé or yew as it is usually known.
The same that can be practiced as a sport of high competition for which you have to train and meet strict requirements or as a recreational activity that can be accompanied by drinks and the infeasible picket that is sold in these establishments.

There are several histories of its origin and practice among the Muisca culture that inhabited the Cundiboyan highlands, but the only certainty is that it is a recreational practice that was developed by the Indians before the conquest and therefore has more than 500 years of history in our territory. Although the gunpowder was brought by the Spaniards and the wicks were added there, the basic structure of the game was already developed by the Muiscas, who possibly threw some stone or object on a court, some versions say that a gold disc was used, version that presents doubts among historians, the truth is that each tournament was accompanied by the intake of chicha, fermented corn drink that to the delights of the participants.
The yew was declared national sport in the year 2000 and recognized like the most autochthonous game of the country. It has recognition by Coldeportes and the Colombian Olympic Committee, and is governed by the Colombian Federation of Tejo (Fedetejo).

According to UNESCO, traditional games constitute an important part of the cultural heritage and are at the same time an effective instrument for the promotion of tolerance, respect and peace in a culturally diverse society, and serve as a link between human beings and facilitates communication, which contributes to community identity.
For all this is that the shingles represent not only an alternative plan to entertainment, leisure, sport but are constituted par excellence in places where has preserved a tradition of more than 500 years and today can enjoy with family and friends in the same way that it was centuries ago.

So dare to enjoy a great day practicing and sharing with friends the national sport in one of the following places:

Bar y Campo de tejo la 28 CR 28 77 32
Club Deportivo San Fernando CR 57B 68 36
MInitejo Doña Gloria CR 28B 67 86
Cancha de Minitejo Fierros CR 28B 64 16
Club de Tejo la 76 CR 24 76 56
Club de Tejo Piqueteadero la 28B CR 28B 77 44
Club de Tejo el Gardeliano CL 63 15 44
Club Social y Deportivo de Tejo el Porvenir del Norte CR 57A 74A 33
Cancha de Tejo y Piqueteadero CR 53 17 47
Campo de Tejo El Ausente CR 68 18 69
Club de Tejo y Asadero mi Tolima CL 10 27 20
Club de Tejo la Oficina CL 69B 70C 81
Campo de Tejo San Pablo CL 3 30A 25
Club Social y Deportivo Turmeque CL 16J 103A 40
Bohórquez Pedraza Indira CL 245 7 15
Cancha De Tejo Club Guerrero CR 55C 161 29
Club Gallistico San Cristobal CL 162 7 11
Club Deportivo Y Campo De Tejo El Boyacense CR 99 153 49

Imágen tomada de la página de la Alcadía de Turmequé www.turmeque-boyaca.gov.co