Skate in Bogotá

Skate en Puente Aranda

In Bogotá, more and more spaces are available for skateboarding, a healthy and fun activity that earns more and more fans, because those who practice it can express their creativity and skills with total freedom.

In the images we can see the skate park of Puente Aranda located on 6th street with transversal 48, it is composed of two independent bowls and a street circuit with ramps, rails, drawers, undulations and transitions, which allow to perform different tricks and movements to Improve skills.

Skaters, men and women of different ages, share this space making moves and jumps that catch the attention of passers-by. Their kindness to explain the track and the tricks allow to have a nice and different time in the day.

If you want to show your agility on the track or if you just want to have a good time watching, here are several options to visit:

Bowl El Tunal
Bowl El Guavio
Bowl La Estación
Mini Ramp Ciudadela Colsubsidio
Mini Ramp Modelo
Skate Park Puente Aranda
Skate Park el Tintal
Skate Park Salitre
Skate Park San Cristobal Sur
Skate Park Villas de Granada
Verticales Cedritos